My primary tasks are to:

Strengthen and preserve public education

Provide a world class public education for every student in the district. Recognize and honor HBCUs across the state, community colleges, and all levels of public education. Endorse the use of technology to further educational success at all levels. Support legislation to reinstate lottery proceeds use to 40 percent, master’s degree/longevity pay, and salary increases for veteran teachers in order to better and enrich our school systems across the state and nation.

Create job opportunities

Empower agriculture, tourism, commercial fishing, and small business entrepreneurship. Attract innovative 21st Century industries to our area which will provide jobs of the future including clean and renewable energy workplaces, information technology, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, commercial services, robotics/automation, and entertainment opportunities. Support legislation that encourages and offers incentives for stimulating small business growth.

Expand health care

Ensure quality, affordable primary and emergency healthcare in every county across the district. Facilitate and expand access for opioid and drug users’ care including citizens with mental health diagnoses. Offer mental health and family court services as needed. Circumvent criminal court when appropriate. Expand Medicaid benefits.

Be a fresh presence in Raleigh

Unfortunately, North Carolina taxpayers east of I-95 are often overlooked by the General Assembly. Northeastern North Carolina deserves a representative who is personally familiar and dedicated to the needs and characteristics of those communities. Your voices and interests should and will be heard. The time for the next generation of leaders is now. I will take your voices to Raleigh.

Improve public safety

Equipment, training, and competitive pay/benefits investments for all law enforcement and correctional officers including administrative staff.

Provide affordable housing and transportation

Develop a public/private housing policy in order to attract and retain the workforce of the future. Pioneer a modern transportation system by promoting a public/private partnership throughout the district.

Promote renewable energy and protect our environment

Oppose off-shore drilling. Support legislation to implement renewable energy, including wind and solar projects. Ban the use of plastic bags. Encourage sustainable fishing practices.

Upgrade broadband

Ensure availability of high speed internet throughout the district to promote job growth and educational opportunities.

Protect the vote

Support fair redistricting practices after the 2020 census. Block voter suppression attempts such as photo ID laws or early voting restrictions.