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Too often, North Carolina taxpayers east of I-95 are forgotten by the General Assembly. Northeastern North Carolina deserves a representative who is personally familiar with the needs and characteristics of our communities and who will fight for their interests in Raleigh. Our current state legislature has abandoned its rural residents, and I am determined to be a strong advocate for the interests of northeastern North Carolinians. I understand how to champion agriculture, tourism, commercial fishing, small businesses, and families.  I understand the difficulty that our taxpayers face in obtaining adequate health care, affordable housing, and sustaining steady employment.  I understand the difficulties of meeting a payroll, paying business taxes, and building a successful business in a shrinking economy. It is frustrating seeing the great potential of Northeastern North Carolina held back by a General Assembly uninterested in helping to build a vital rural economy.  We cannot continue to sustain a world-class university system when the General Assembly continues to target the budgets of the UNC system, the community college system and our traditional public school systems.  This sends a destructive ripple effect throughout every rural community in North Carolina.

County Commissioner and Attorney D. Cole Phelps
Running for North Carolina Senate in District 1

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