The rise of fashion in this 21St century in India

Fashion is one word without which our everyday life is incomplete. There is everywhere fashion, and there are many types of fashion, if a student goes to college then there is a fashion, if someone goes to college then there is a fashion, if there is a function there is also a fashion. Fashion is essential in today’s lifestyle, the rise of fashion started in the beginning of 21st century, because at that time people started taking more interest in the cinematic world and modelling world.

At the beginning of this century, television had also reached almost every household and this also made a big impact on people’s fashion awareness. And as time progressed, people started adopting fashion in their lifestyle, as whoever liked the fashion started adopting it in their life. In India we can said that people are very serious about Bollywood trending fashion, if Bollywood come with any trendy fashion Indians adopting it easily. Today’s generation is social media generation, and social media have many influencers right now and they are increasing day-by-day, every influencer have their own fashion style, who inspire many youngsters daily. There are also types of fashion

Types of fashion in India:-

India has her own category of fashion in every field. Mainly India is considered six type of fashion trend.


  • Casual look- Casual look is the trendiest in India. Most of the Indian are wearing casual wear in her day to day life. Indian are prefer to wear casual look in clubbing, parties, hook-ups, night outs. College students and youngsters used to prefer this fashion style to wear.
  • Traditional look- Traditional look is known to wear in festivals and functions this fashion is occupied by both of the genders. This fashion is used to wear in special occasions; this is not for day to day life.
  • Saree- Saree is only used in women’s this is women’s fashion. Indian married women usually wear saree, Indian girl’s also love to wear saree in occasion and functions.
  • Leggings and kurti- This is also a women’s fashion. Indian women’s and girl’s both are wear leggings and kurti. There are many kinds of leggings and kurti available in Indian market. This is also most loved India fashion in women’s.
  • Formals- Usually a person working in an office wears formal dress in his office. Men’s wear this fashion in functions also.
  • Trending- Indians love to wear trending fashion, if some fashion are in trend many Indians want to wear it. Indian is trend lover people.

This six type of fashion are mainly use in India, but many other categories of fashion are used in India.

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