Wonder Of Nature – Parsili

Parsili is a village situated on the banks of river Banas in Madhya Pradesh. Its natural beauty is such that one can be astonished. Some interesting things here:

When you go on a journey after a long time, then you feel that instead of getting into the trouble of planning, let your steps go freely on the paths. This time when I went out to go to the Khajuraho Dance festival, something similar happened to me. Not taking a direct flight to Khajuraho and thought why not stops for a day in the middle and see Orchha. After spending a day in Orchha, someone said that if you were going to Khajuraho, then definitely go to Parsili to enjoy the views of nature. Hearing the name, a curious mind awoke and set out on a walk to Parsili.

The Astonishing Attraction

 After knowing that its distance by cab from Panna Tiger Reserve is about four and a half hours, the question of not going there did not arise. Situated on the banks of Banas in Majhauli Block of Sidhi district in Madhya Pradesh when one encountered the beautiful scenery of sandy beaches and greenery in Parsili, all the fatigue of the journey vanished. Amidst nature, away from the hustle-bustle, the serene atmosphere of Parsili was truly mind-blowing.

Barefoot Trekking

 The natural carpet of the softest and moistest sand out of the banks of the Banas river comforts the steps, so you can walk bare feet on it easily. There are naturalists to take you on the trek, who explained the flora and fauna to be seen along this route. If you’re walking on the sand on foot, then this path ends by going to the bungalow. It is a wooden resting place, which was built by the Raja of Rewa himself. Also saw this haveli-like rest house built in the old style and some pages of history were opened.


Sanjay- Dubri National Park

 Parsili is no less than a paradise for birds and nature lovers. Here I came across some rare birds, including white-necked storks, white Ibis, Eagles, Harriers, Kingfishers etc. Apart from birds Tigers, Nilgai, Sambhar etc can also be seen in this National Park.


Given your improved knowledge of travel and your awareness of various factors that can enhance your experience while taking in the beauty of various locations. So what are you waiting for? Start packing and leave for an unforgettable journey. Traveling is crucial for humans because it exposes us to new ways of life, allows us to meet new people, and teaches us about different cultures.

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